Let's make your data work for you

Yes please!

Our innovative big data engine deepVIEW can extract and analyze the ‘Who, Where and What’ from business databases, archives, online content, social networks and almost all types of content.

It adds structure to unstructured information and it visualizes relationships as the evolve in time.

  • Use invoices to predict behavior
  • Use user profiles to recommend movies, products, content
  • Analyze twitter feeds and extract up to 6 different emotions, even recognizing sarcasm!

  • Search and effectively navigate through unlimited amounts of content
  • Provide product recommendations
  • Identify and compare trends and popularity
  • Contextually target custom advertisement
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • and much more

Your mind is the only limit

"Thanks to Pertimatic Videoland and RTL XL have the best Search & Recommendation in the Dutch market."

Patrick Klink, Director Product & Technology, RTL Nederland

More Business

Good recommendations lead to more business

A smart and pragmatic recommendation engine saves time and money.

deepVIEW cuts both ways leading to faster implementation and better results.

"Pertimatic is one of the most innovative companies I have founded, making high-end Big Data Solutions available for companies of every size."

- Joost Metten - CEO

Joost Metten has a long and successful career in IT, hosting and software development.

Prior to founding Pertimatic Joost has been CEO of CloudFounders, a company developing a Software Defined Storage Layer and private cloud solutions.

Joost was founder and CTO of Dedigate, the leading and innovative hosting and cloud solution provider. He fulfilled a wide array of leading positions at both operational and strategic levels. Dedigate was acquired by Terremark in August 2005. As CEO Terremark Europe, Joost was responsible for all European countries. Terremark multiplied its turnover from $40 million to nearly $420 million per annum, in only 5 years! Terremark was bougth by Verizon in 2011.

"I build deepVIEW to allow people to effectively navigate and comprehend the ever-growing avalanche of information produced by the modern society"

- Maros Kyselica - CTO

Maros earned his Master degree in computer science at the Slovak Technical University in 1991 and ever since he's been a passionate software engineer and a 'foot-soldier of the digital revolution'.

During his career Maros founded several companies. Bohemica was a R&D company specialized in natural language processing, semantic data navigation, geocoding and the analysis of user behavior. At Vayday Maros was responsible for design and implementation of specialized search and Big Data solutions for respectable names in the online market, like Ibood, NOS and Telegraaf Media group.
As the lead architect of Ilse Media/Sanoma Online he was responsible for technical due diligence and design and development of highly scalable web architectures. He led a team of software architects that developed the SOA infrastructure supporting the operation of dozens of large Dutch websites.

Before that Maros was working as senior consultant/software engineer in several innovative technology companies. As a senior software architect of Backbase he was leading front-end re-engineering projects for ANP, Postbank, ING, Bouwfonds, MERCK and the Dutch Police Academy.

Maros has also been a software architect for Razorfish where he designed the first technical architecture of Funda.nl.